Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Picture Book Day

Yesterday I participated in a one-day conference organised by Pro Lastenkirjallisuus, an association that works towards getting a proper house for children's literature and illustration in Helsinki. The association is only two years old, and hopefully the dream of a house full of children's books, workshops, illustrations on walls and all the wonderful things related to children's books will come true in the near future. Similar buildings can be found elsewhere in Europe, so fingers crossed that it can happen here too, and soon!

The seminar was very inspiring, with many excellent guest speakers from librarians and teachers to illustrators and children's book authors, translators etc.. I will be writing an article about the conference for 1/2013 issue of Kuvittaja, the quarterly journal about illustration (published by Kuvittajat, the Association of Finnish Illustrators). I'm already looking forward to the next picture book day, as do these two friends above :)

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