Thursday, 7 November 2013

Sketching new characters

Last couple of weeks I've been drawing pages after pages of children for a project that I'll let you know about later. Designing characters, adding them on double spreads of a book and then reworking it all. I like to work fast and not think too much. So my hand has to work quickly to keep up with the brain. I love smudging my hand in grey graphite of an H pencil when it sweeps across the paper.
It's November again, dark and grey and wet. So the only way to keep me active instead of crawling inside a wool blanket with 10 kilos of chocolate and 50 books is to keep my brain busy and shake my legs. Alternating drawing and dancing with regular chocolate breaks is the best way to survive this darkness. On top of that, plenty of sleep and vitamin D while waiting for the first snow.

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