Monday, 10 October 2016

Creative autumn greetings !

This autumn has been quite busy, hence the silence here. Here are some highlights I wanted to share with you.

The photos below are from Gudrun Sjödén store in Helsinki. I was there on a Friday afternoon in September drawing 15 minute portraits of the customers as a part of the Gudrun Sjödén's culture week.

Drawing an illustrator colleague Maija Hurme, no pressure!

Then I had a wonderful day with Make in in Design team at Marimekko Factory tour in Helsinki and Sketch Doodle Draw event in the city centre. It was such a pleasure to meet Rachael Taylor and her crew. I'm taking Module 3 of her Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design course at the moment.

Me with the amazing Make it in Design team

At the Marimekko factory

And I took part in the pattern bombing challenge on Instagram with Make it in Design School. My hippie car with my botanical pattern received an honorary mention too.

There was also one weekend of intensive dance training at SVOLI Convention for dance, gymnastics and fitness instructors. But I carried my sketchbook with me...

I'm also participating in "Illustrating Children's Books" course by Make Art That Sells. These drawings are based on daily sketchbook prompts. I'm enjoying both of my courses and working on an illustration project that requires a lot of time until the end of the year.


  1. Iih, miten ihania!!!! Voi mitkä hippiautot! :D Ja toi Gudrunin ilta on varmaan ollut hauska myös! Mitkä tussit sulla on, tykkään hurjasti näistä sun tussiluonnoksista mitä täällä blogissa olen nähnyt?

  2. Moi, kiitos Nina! Mulla on kaikenlaisia tusseja kerääntynyt eri paikoista. Enimmäkseen erilaisia sivellintusseja ja Micron-kyniä.